Efficient Solution Strategies for a Flow Solver Based on the Discontinuous Galerkin Methods

The aim of the project is to derive an efficient flow solver based on the DG methods. The aim of this part of project is the development and implementation of memory and time-efficient solver strategies for the solution of higher order and adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods for compressible viscous flows.

We will deal with the stationary Euler equations of gas flow and approximate them by an implicite or semi-implicite pseudo-time stepping procedure. In order to increase convergence speed the higher order hp-multigrid methods might be used. A matrix free variant of linear solvers has to be implemented in order to reduce the memory allocation. Additionally, we have to take into account that the numerical solvers developed here have to work efficiently also for the adjoint problems used for the adaptive error control.
The project is realized in the coopeartion with the Helmholtz-Hochschul-Nachwuchsgruppe of Dr. Ralf Hartmann, DLR Braunschweig. For publications see [1],[2],[3].