Kompaktseminar Numerik 2016

"Numerical Analysis meets W2W"

September 14-16, 2016

Ebernburg in Bad Münster am Stein

Focus of the workshop:
This year's workshop will focus on those mathematical tools and numerical algorithms which are relevant for the interdisciplinary projects within the SFB/Transregio 165 (W2W). In particular, the topics will be (albeit not limited to) the following:

  • Inverse problems and regularization techniques
  • Numerical discretization of PDEs, in particular hybrid schemes
  • Multiscale modeling
  • Model reduction techniques
  • Cloud physics

Scientific program:
There will be talks by postdocs, doctoral students and Masters' students on their results from the respective TRR projects or TRR related themes. Each talk will be 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for discussions.
All speakers are kindly requested to endow their talks with sufficient introductory material.
The workshop will start Wednesday morning and end on Friday afternoon. The program can be found here.

Martin Hanke-Bourgeois, Dmitry Ivanizki, University of Mainz

Supported by:

JGU Mainz


Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
SFB/TRR 165: Waves to Weather
SFB/TRR 146: Multiscale Simulation Methods for Soft Matter Systems


Burg Ebernburg
55583 Bad Kreuznach
Stadtteil Bad Münster am Stein–Ebernburg

Phone: 06708 - 617 66 11

Conference fee:
There is no conference fee.

List of Participants

More information:
You don't have to bring bed linen or towels with you. Please do not forget sturdy shoes and a weather-proof coat, plus anything you may want to use in the free time.

Travel Information:
Travel by train: An R03 VLEXX (Direction Saarbrücken Hbf) departures from Mainz Hbf once every half an hour.
If you posess a Studi-Ticket of University Mainz, do not care about additional tickets.
It takes about 40 minutes to reach Bad Münster am Stein Bahnhof.
Then, according to the webpage of Ebernburg, you can take a 30-minutes-looping bus from the station to the foot of the hill,
but you can also just cross this small townpart in direction south-west by feet (ca. 1km, ca. 15 min).
In any case, from the foothill, you have to walk for ca. 10 minutes upwards to the castle.

Travel by car: You can find instructions on the webpage of Ebernburg.
Due to the local topology, the road leads to many disjoint places, so please make sure to go to the right hill.
There is enough place for parking right in front of the castle (but not inside).