Kompaktseminar Numerik 2023

Moseltal-Jugendherberge Cochem

October 16-18, 2023

Scientific program:


There will be talks by postdocs, doctoral students and master's students on their results from the respective TRR projects or TRR related themes. Each talk will be 25 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussions.
All speakers are kindly requested to endow their talks with sufficient introductory material.
The workshop will start on Monday morning and end on Wednesday afternoon.


There will be presentations by postdocs, doctoral students and master's students on topics related to the TRR. The working language of the workshop will be English. Talks will last 25 minutes, plus 5 minutes for discussion. All speakers are kindly asked to provide sufficient introductory material in their talks.


Martin Hanke-Bourgeois, Niklas Bockius, University of Mainz

Supported by:

JGU Mainz
logo_TRR146Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

SFB/TRR 146: Multiscale Simulation Methods for Soft
Matter Systems



Moseltal-Jugendherberge Cochem
Klottener Straße 9
56812 Cochem
Phone: +49 2671 8633
E-Mail: cochem@diejugendherbergen.de

Conference fee:

There is no conference fee.

List of participants:

List of participants


Hiking trip around Cochem (second half of the "Cochemer Ritterrunde")

More information:

You don't have to bring bed linen or towels with you. Soap and shampoo are not provided, so you have to bring your own. Please do not forget sturdy shoes and a weather-proof coat if you want to participate in the hiking trip, plus anything you may want to use in the free time.

Travel Information:

  • By train: Take a train to Koblenz. (From Mainz, you can take the train lines RE 2 (to Koblenz), RB 26 (to Cologne), and long-distance trains.) From Koblenz, take the train lines RB 81 (to Trier) or RE1/RE11 (to Luxemburg/Saarbrucken/Kaiserslautern/Mannheim) to Cochem. From the train station it is a 500m walk to the Moseltal-Jugendherberge (just cross the Moselle at the nearest bridge).
  • Recommended train connections:
    • Monday:
      Mainz Hbf (departure at 9:20) – Koblenz Hbf (arrival at 10:11) via ICE 1949 (to Dresden Hbf)
      Koblenz Hbf (departure at 10:25) – Cochem (arrival at 11:14) via RB 81 (to Trier Hbf)
    • Wednesday
      Cochem (departure at 15:18) – Koblenz Hbf (arrival at 15:56) via RE 1/11 (to Koblenz Hbf)
      Koblenz Hbf (departure at 16:18) – Mainz Hbf (arrival at 17:11) via IC 2011 (to Tübingen Hbf)
    • Note that both connections include long-distance trains; therefore the "Deutschlandticket" and the "Semesterticket" are not valid.
  • By car: Take the A60 from Mainz (towards Bingen) to “Dreieck Nahetal”, then the A61 (towards Koblenz). Leave the motorway at exit 41 (“Boppard”), turn right and then left again (third exit on the roundabout). Follow the road until you reach the Moselle in Brodenbach, then turn left and follow the Moselle until Treis-Karden. Cross the Moselle on the bridge, then turn left again and follow the Moselle until you reach Cochem. In Cochem, cross the first bridge to reach the Moseltal-Jugendherberge.