Organisation of Workshops and Conferences

  1. Workshop Hyperbolic Balance Laws: Interplay between Scales and Randomness, Mathematical Research Institute Oberwolfach, together with R. Abgrall, M. Gravello, February 2024.
  2. Sino-German Workshop. Recent Advances in Hyperbolic Balance Laws, Capital Normal University, Beijing, together with B. She, G. Warnecke and S. Jiang, September 2023
  3. Workshop Hyperbolic Balance Laws and Beyond, 29.6.-1.7.2022, Magdeburg, together with C. Helzel, M. Hantke, F. Thein
  4. Minisymposium Recent Advances on Analysis and Numerics of Multidimensional Compressible Flows, SIAM conference on Partial Differential Equations, 14.3.-18.3. 2022, Berlin, together with E. Feireisl
  5. Workshop Inverse Problems and Beyond, 22.10.2021, Mainz, together with B. von Harrach
  6. Oberwolfach Small Collaborative Workshop on Advanced Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Balance Laws and their Applications, 29.8.- 4.9. 2021, MFO Oberwolfach, together with S. Jiang, J. Li and G. Warnecke
  7. Oberwolfach Workshops on Hyperbolic Balance Laws: modelling, analysis, and numerics,  28.3.-6.3. 2021, MFO Oberwolfach,  together with R. Abgrall, M. K. Trivisa, M. Garavello
  8. Minisymposium Numerical Simulations of Fluid Flows, Algoritmy 10.-15.9. 2020, Vysoke Tatry, Podbanske, Slovakia, together with M. Feistauer
  9. Minisymposium Multiscale and stochastic numerical methods for hyperbolic conservation laws, together with A. Chertock and A. Kurganov, ICIAM, Valencia 2019
  10. Conference Selected topics in transport phenomena: deterministic and probabilistic aspects, together with A. Chertock and E. Tadmor, Center for Scientific Computation and Mathematical Modeling, University of Maryland, 18.-21.4.2017
  11. Conference on Recent Advances in Analysis and Numerics of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws, together with C. Helzel and M. Hantke, 8.-10.9. 2016, Magdeburg
  12.  Minisymposium Numerics for conservation laws and nonlinear convection-diffusion problems, together with M. Feistauer, Algoritmy 2016, 13.-18.3.2016
  13. Workshop Women in Applied Math & Soft Matter Physics, together with S. Jabbari and F. Schmid, 25.-18.10.2015, Schloss Waldthausen, Mainz
  14. Minisymposium "Recent Developments  in Modeling and Numerical Simulations of Geophysical Flows", together with A. Chertock and A. Kurganov,  ICIAM 2015, 10.-14.8.2015, Beijing
  15. CECAM Workshop "Multiscale Simulation Methods for Soft Matter Systems", together with F. Schmid, B. Dünweg, K. Kremer and F. Müller-Plathe, 6.-8.10.2014, Mainz
  16. Sino-German Symposium "Modern Numerical Methods for Compressible Fluid Flows and Related Problems", together with Jiequan Li,  21.5.-27.5.2014, Beijing, China, supported by the Sino-German Center for Research Promotion
  17. Minisymposium "Analysis and Numerics of Fluid-Structure Interaction", Equadiff 2013, 26.8.-30.8.2013 Prague
  18. Workshop "Modelling, Optimization and Simulation of Complex Fluid Flow" together with D. Bothe, S. Ulbrich and M. Schäfer, TU Darmstadt, 20.-22.6. 2012
  19. Minisymposium "Finite volume und finite element schemes for fluid-structure interaction"  together with M. Feistauer, ALGORITMY 2012, Podbanske, Slovakia, 9.-14.9.2012
  20. Workshop "Efficient mesh adaptation methods for evolution problems: theory and applications"  together with N. Sfakianakis, WPI, University of Vienna, 14-17.12. 2011
  21. Workshop "Modelling and Numerics of Conservation Laws"  University of Mainz, 16.2. 2011
  22. Minisymposium on " Advances in Numerical Modelling of Advection and Convection Dominated Flows " together with S.Karabasov (Cambridge University)
    9th World Congress on Computational Mechanics, Australia, 19. - 23.7. 2010
  23. Minisymposium on "Recent Advances in Numerics of Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Related Problems" ALGORITMY 2009, Podbanske Slovakia
  24. Second Annual Summer School "EU Doctoral School: Differential Equations in Science and Engineering " together with I. Gasser (Uni-Hamburg), Hamburg 2008
  25. Minisymposium on "Recent Advances in Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Problems" together with S. Karabasov (Cambridge), IACM/ECCOMAS Congress, Venice 2008
  26. Minisymposium on "Navier Stokes Equations and Related Conservation Laws" together with M. Feistauer (Prag), Slovak-Austrian Mathematical Congress, 16.-21.09.2007, Podbanske, Slovakia
  27. Minisymposium on "Partial Differential Equations with Inherent Conditions" together with R. Jeltsch (ETH Zürich) and J. Mac Hyman (Iowa State University), 2nd Joint Meeting of AMS, DMV, OMG, Mainz 2005
  28. Workshop on "Multi-Dimensional Wave Structures in Hyperbolic Systems" together with S. Noelle (Aachen) and G. Warnecke (Magdeburg); TU Hamburg-Harburg, 2004